BEYOND® SOLO® Single Treatment Kit


Our Most Economical, Single Patient Whitening Kit

This 35% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) In-office teeth whitening kit includes the essentials for chairside teeth bleaching of one patient. A typical treatment is three consecutive cycles of 10 minutes each, combined with light acceleration. The dual barrel 35% syringe in this kit includes enough gel for three cycles. 

  • Features BEYOND’s 35% H2O2 advanced formula whitening gel
  • Gel’s proprietary formula improves oral health while whitening
  • Static mixing tip provides a one-step gel application
  • Produces dramatic glossy, white results
  • Compact packaging, economical and practical
  • Individualized packaging for single patients
  • Clinically proven results

Kit Contents

1 Solo gel dual-barrel syringe (2.6g/2.2 mL)
1 BlueSeal single syringe (2g/1.6mL)
1 Mixing tip
1 Plastic tip
1 Metal tip
1 Face Protection Cloth
1 Solo instruction manual
1 Vita Shade Guide
1 After-treatment guide 


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