Calset Composite Heater, 230 Volts AC Power Supply,with Dispenser Tray for use with Centrix , 3M, Venus, Kerr (newer model) Dispenser


For dispenser models: Centrix, 3M, Venus & Kerr (Newer Model).

The Calset heats to: 98 ̊F, 130 ̊F & 155 ̊F, warming the composite increases the depth of cure, improves the composite flow, shortens curing time, reduces micro-leakage and improves the physical properties of the composite.

Calset with Dispenser Tray (P/N 110007-02) - Accepts composite dispenser and 3 composite compules. The tray fits the Centrix, 3M, Venus & Kerr (Newer Model) dispensers.


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