Complete Dual-Cure Catalyst (Black Cap)


The Complete Dual-Cure Catalyst (black cap) should be added to the Complete Primer (red cap) and mixed thoroughly to give you a dual-cure primer and adhesive system for indirect procedures. Complete gives you uncompromising bond strength, minimal film thickness, virtually zero patient sensitivity and a comprehensive set of instructions to help guide you through all of your bonding needs.


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  • High Bond Strength
  • New bottles feature easy delivery and less mess
  • Fool-proof instructions guide you through all your bonding applications
  • Minimal film thickness
  • Long-lasting adhesion yields higher quality results
  • Virtually zero sensitivity


Complete Dual-Cure Catalyst (Black Cap) is a dual cure catalyst to be used with your unfilled resin/primer in a (1:2) ratio in the following procedures:


1)  Cementation of extra opaque inlays, onlays, and porcelain veneers

2)  Dual cure core buildup procedures

2)  Anyplace where operator needs continuous curing to achieve optimum bond strength