Cosmedent is the restoration material of another level; it is not just a composite - it is an aesthetic philosophy. Its “colleagues” are not the other composites and fillers, but ceramic veneers.

Cosmedent is all about longevity, quality and natural beauty. If you’re patient and artistic to work with Cosmedent, you can even create miracles in a single appointment for a most demanding patient.

“Cosmedent is a complete multi-step system. Some dentists prefer an easier solution with 1 product. Once you learn Cosmedent and get to know each other you are not looking for anything else.” - says our partner in Riga Irina Sevelova.

Dr. Agne from Lithuania is sure that the Microfill composite by Cosmedent is the only real microfill on the market, because its polishability and color stability are unsurpassed.

About Cosmedent (US)
The flagship brand in the DrClass Baltics product line is Cosmedent (US)....