The flagship brand in the DrClass Baltics product line is Cosmedent (US).

Cosmedent was founded in 1982 to train dentists on the use of composite materials. Cosmedent's initial focus was to educate dentists on proper composite techniques and the benefits of direct resin bonding as a cosmetic procedure. The company offered one of the first lectures and hands-on training programs that worked directly with composite resin.

Soon afterwards, Cosmedent's co-founders realized the overwhelming inadequacies of existing materials and embarked upon developing their own line of dental products, which are now recognized and recommended worldwide by leading clinicians, and are present in the DrClass Baltics e-shop:

finishers & polishers;
opaques & tints;
resin cements;
temporary materials;
composite instrument;
dental core build up;
fiber reinforcement;
dental adhesive;
kits & bundles;
specialty products & accessories.

To see the results the Cosmedent provides, tap the previous ‘Clinical case’ posts and feel free to ask any question!

DrClass Baltics is more than a dental materials supplier...
What is composite material by Cosmedent
Cosmedent is the restoration material of another level; it is not just a composite - it is an aesthetic philosophy. Its “colleagues” are not the other...