When it comes to additional equipment to make the dental process a pleasure, we advise to have a look at Addent (US) that has been supplying quality devices on the dentistry market for more than 17 years now.

You will find the following Addent necessities on the DrClass Baltics website:

• CALSET Composite warmer - the proven leader for warming composite;
• CALSET Tray accessories;
• Microlux Transilluminator;
• Microlux 2 Transilluminator;
• Microlux Endo-lite & Perio Probe;
• RITE-LITE LED Shade matching light;
• Bio/screen oral examination light;
• Composite dispenser

A couple of words about how good the CALSET Composite warmer is and the advantages it provides:

• Holds 4 spare compules;
• Holds 2 syringes;
• Warmed composite provides quicker cures;
• Less micro leakage;
• Stronger restoration;

Soon we will tell more about other products by Addent that are available on our website. We ensure you that all the products you purchase on the DrClass Baltics website, will be quickly and safely delivered right to your office.

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