Ribbond, Inc. is based in Seattle, USA and produces the most durable and comfortable fibers for dentistry.

Most dentists intuitively understand that composites when used alone for multi-teeth prostheses will fracture unless the composite is grossly bulked-up. These bulked-up composite prostheses are uncomfortable for the patient and still commonly fracture, and here the Ribbond fiber comes to help. It prevents fracture failures in dental composite resins and acrylics and promotes a more comfortable feeling for patients.

The durability of Ribbond is guaranteed by the fact that it is made from the same super tough polyethylene fibers used to make bullet proof vests and armor plating for military aircraft.

The Ribbond fiber is much easier to
use than glass fibers as it has no memory - superior manageability results in thinner and significantly
more comfortable prostheses for your patients.

Ribbond is also used for the perio patients when their teeth are moving. The alternative would be a wire with composite that is always visible, while Ribbond is white and invisible on teeth.

The indefinite shelf life of the Ribbond fiber obviously minimizes waste and your expenses.

Shop Ribbond on the DrClass Baltics website via the link in bio. BTW, we offer the Ribbond Starter Kit with the fiber and special scissors at a good price!

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