We are deeply convinced that the best materials combined with the skilled hands of a passionate doctor guarantee long-lasting predictable result.

The reasons to choose DrClass Baltics as a premium dental materials supplier:

✅acceptable price for premium quality: it costs €8.38 to make a Renamel composite veneer for a thick big fracture restoration. With other materials the cost would be about €5 - doesn’t really sound expensive when drilled down to a single quality restoration;

✅long-lasting predictable results: e.g. with Microfill by Cosmedent you can track cases down to 30 years back and be ensured of the stability and predictability of the result;

✅easy to choose and buy: you can place an order on our website and get it delivered directly to your office.

Moreover, we are always in touch with our customers and are ready to answer any question - ask us in comments/Direct messages or any other way.

Let’s live in the world of happy smiles with DrClass Baltics!

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